E-mail Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Companies invest heavily in e-mail marketing, but not all of them get good return on investment. E-mail marketing is easy, but when something is easy, people often overlook the small details that lead to major blunders. Anyone can buy email mailing and marketing lists from mailing list sellers by paying a few hundred dollars, but that does not mean everyone can be a successful marketer. If you are planning to start your e-mail marketing campaign very soon, don’t make the common mistakes mentioned below.

Sending without testing: Once you design the email template, you must test it in various email clients because HTML emails appear different depending on the email client and device used to see them. The mail may fit perfectly in your preview window, but your recipients can see something very different. Only if you are sure that your mail looks perfect in Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook can you start the campaign.

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No CTA: It is the biggest mistake of them all. The main purpose of sending promotional mails to people is to make sure they take an action after reading the content. If you don’t tell them what you want them to do, the campaign is bound to fail, despite a high mail opening rate. Whether you want recipients to “buy now”, or “call today”, your call-to-action message must be very clear.  Architects USA  Interior Designers USA  Churches USA  Builders and Construction


Sending non-mobile friendly emails: Mobile devices have various screen sizes and these days, people mainly use their smartphones to read mails. Therefore, you must send mobile-friendly emails to your target customers. One very simple tip is to keep the content in only one column, because 2-3 columns don’t fit in small screens.


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Not segmenting your audience: When you purchase the email mailing and marketing lists, make sure it contains the contact details of your exact target audience. For example, if your consumers are only male and belong to the age group of 25-40 years, you should not invest in a mailing list that features random people’s email addresses.

Have you noticed any other mistakes made by marketers? Share your thoughts with us.