Research Methods

Our Data is different ! We use the web to manually verify all the records held in our database.
Using conventional mailing lists and other relevant business data our dedicated off shore research team manually searches on the web to find each business listed. When found they visit that firm’s website to confirm and verify email address details, business activities and other relevant data.
Then every few months in order to keep the resulting data up to date we use the services of industry leader,, to send a verification email to the addresses in our database and we simply delete out the addresses that bounce.
By comparison, most competing email lists are compiled simply by keying unverified information from published sources of information such as public records, telephone books or trade directories. That is why those types of email lists are so inaccurate and out of date!. After all, when was the last time you updated your business email address details in such publications? On the other hand, anyone who is seriously in businesses keeps contact information on their website up to date.
So there can be little doubt that the web is going to provide the most accurate and up to the minute business data. That is why all our directories and lists have been painstakingly verified via web research methods.
Finally, please remember that unlike most other suppliers of business data we guarantee the delivery of all email addresses listed in the Directory. Please see our Terms for full details