Send Email Successfully

Sending Email Successfully

If you want to get serious about Email Marketing then consider using a professional email delivery such as:
Outsoucing your email delivery to a service such as Wired Marketing can offer you some BIG advantages especially as they report on the following;
• Hard Bounces (very useful if you want to take advantage of our refund guarantee!)
• Unsubscribes
• Complainers
• Opens
• Clicks
• Forwards
• Social Sharing
• Geographic Locations
• Click through and links clicked
• Hot prospects reporting
• Overview PDF Report Document
• Comparison Campaign Tool
• Email Hot Spots
• Email Client Breakdown
• Non Openers
• Page Views
• Replies
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Avoiding Spam Issues
You need to check the regulations in your country as spam laws vary from country to country. In most countries it highly advisable to comply with the following regulations when sending B2B email messages:-
1). Include a unsubscribe or opted out mechanism in every email and remove such addresses from your list or database within a few days.
2). Do not use fraudulent transmission data or false headers.
3). Do not use misleading subject lines.
4). Add your postal mailing address to all emails.
5). If you are not in contact with the recipient already include a short notice that states the email is an advertisement or solicitation.
Avoid using these words or phrases especially in Email Subject Lines.
Some of the more commonly used words and phrases that mail servers often filter out include:
50% off!
Click Here
Call now!
Earn $
Eliminate Debt
Double your income
You’re a Winner!
Reverses Aging
Information you requested
Stop or Stops
Lose Weight
Multi level Marketing
Million Dollars
Cash Bonus
Promise You
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Serious Cash
Search Engine Listings
Act Now!
All New
All Natural
Avoid Bankruptcy
As Seen On…
Buy Direct
Consolidate Your Debt
Special Promotion
Easy Terms
Get Paid
Guarantee, Guaranteed
Great offer
Give it away, Giving it away
Join millions
Meet Singles
No cost, No fees
One time
Online pharmacy
Online marketing
Order Now
Please Read
Don’t Delete
Save up to
Time limited
Unsecured debt or credit
Visit our web site
While Supplies last
Why pay more?
Work at home
You’ve been selected
And Finally….to best avoid spam filters always try and send your email messages as text. Do not send an email advertisement in a graphics format such as jpg, tif, gif etc. Plain old text messages work best!